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Instructor: Mitra Bahrami, mbahrami@pausd.org and Simone Wojtowicz, simonewoit@gmail.com
Quarter: Fall 2017
Prerequisite: Recommended for hi intermediate to advanced English learners
Textbook: No textbook required

Join us to watch four great movies, improve your vocabulary and listening skills, learn about the American culture, refine your spoken English through guided discussions, and make new friends.

No textbook required.


Instructor: Mitra Bahrami, mitrabv@gmail.com
Duration: 4 wks
Date range: August 29 to September 21
Day(s) of the week: Tuesday and Thursday
Hour: 12:15–2:45 p.m.
Address: Greendell Rm P9
Price: $160


Instructor: Simone Wojtowicz, simonewoit@gmail.com
Duration: 4 wks
Date range: September 25 to October 18
Day(s) of the week: Monday and Wednesday
Hour: 12:15–2:45 p.m.
Address: Greendell Rm P6
Price: $160

Student Comments

I think that an easier way to achieve your own goals is to do what you like. I love movies, so I took the English through Movies class. I learned how to watch a movie without subtitles. My ear is more adapted now, so I can understand better.

Vareli Valder Ferrino,
Kindergarten Teacher