Lori Stoia

Website: http://homemadebathproducts.blogspot.com/

Lori Stoia has been showing students how to create their own Bath and Body products since 2004. She has taken classes in bath and body products from The Nova Studio in Point Richmond, CA since 2004. Lori holds a BA in Mass Communication from Cal State East Bay, an AA degree in Communications and A.A in Accounting from Foothill College, and Certificate in Marketing Management from DeAnza College. She contributes to her own blog, “Homemade Bath Products,” at homemadebathproducts.blogspot.com on a daily basis. Lori won third place for her bath bomb muffins at the 2006 San Mateo County Fair.

She explains, “What I try to bring to my class is a social and fun learning experience. I make the projects simple to encourage the students to actually make the products at home.” She also writes a bath and body products blog,http://homemadebathproducts.blogspot.com featuring notices of her upcoming classes, information on where to buy products, recipes, and more.