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BIRDING: Intermediate

Duration: 3 wks
Date range: March 27 to April 17
(No class: April 3.)
Date(s) of the week: Monday (lectures) / Saturday (field trips)
Hour: 7–9 p.m.
Quarter: Spring 2017
Prerequisite: A series of beginning birding classes or a few years of birding experience
Textbook: Any North America or Western North America bird field guide (Sibley’s Guide is a great one)
Address: Palo Alto HS Rm 1707
Price: $83
No Longer Available

The class includes two (optional) Saturday field trips.

FIELD TRIP DATES: Saturday / April 8 and April 15
FIELD TRIP LOCATIONS: Will be discussed in class

Wondering about the name of that bird in your backyard? Join your neighbors and learn about field guides and binoculars. Learn the categories of birds and the methods used to identify them. Obtain a step-by-step process to identifying birds and finding them in a field guide.

Take your observation skills and birding knowledge to the next level. You will learn how date and habitat shape the expected species in the Bay Area, while incorporating sound and behavior into your identification repertoire.

The Spring is a shorter, 3-week session, with a heavy focus on songbirds and breeding bird behavior.

Recommended textbook: Any North America or Western North America bird field guide (Sibley’s Guide is a great one).

Student Comments

I took the Intermediate Birding class to improve my ability to identify and understand birds. The field trips were wonderful.

Mary Ann Chazan,
Retired Occupational Therapist