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Instructor: Adult School Staff
Prerequisite: New Students: Testing Required

*** The ESL First Fall Quarter Dates: August 22 — October 14, 2022 ***

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Or, call (650) 494-2326 for information.

The Palo Alto Adult School ESL program offers many classes to help you meet your English learning goals.

To enter our free classes, new students must register for a placement test. There is no childcare for the test or the classes. To register for the placement test, come in to the Greendell ESL office at 4120 Middlefield Road, room P10, or the Palo Alto High School Adult School office at 50 Embarcadero Road.

**Students who are not registered to take the placement test will not be allowed to take the test.**


  • Students must be able to attend the full 8 weeks.
  • Students will be required to buy a textbook for the class.
  • Students who leave before the end of a session may not return until the next session, and must pay a $20 re-entry fee.
  • There is no childcare.

* Pre-literacy *

Do you know someone who needs to learn to read?
Do you know anyone who cannot read and write in their first language and/or English?
Please call (650) 494-2326 for information on our Introduction to Literacy program.

¿Conoce a alguien quien quiere aprender a leer en inglés?
Por favor llame a (650) 494-2326 para más información.