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Instructor: Adult School Staff
Quarter: Spring 2017
Prerequisite: Recommended for students who are at the low intermediate to high intermediate level
Textbook: Writing to Communicate Book 1 (available for purchase in the Adult School office)

Learn how to write well-developed and cohesive paragraphs. This class will focus on how to choose and organize content, connect ideas, and use supporting details to address a topic.


Duration: 10 wks
Date range: March 31 to June 9
(No class: No class April 7.)
Day(s) of the week: Friday
Hour: 9:30 a.m.–12 noon
Address: Greendell Rm P6
Price: No Fee*
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Duration: 10 wks
Date range: March 23 to June 1
(No class: April 6.)
Day(s) of the week: Thursday
Hour: 6:30–9 p.m.
Address: Palo Alto HS Rm 216
Price: No Fee*
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Student Comments

Before taking the Fundamentals of Writing II class, I did not like to write in English. This writing class helped me to write paragraphs and now I love it! Special thanks to our teacher Sharon. She is a very good teacher. She gave us very good tips and she is a warmhearted woman.

Sonja Keppler,
Customer Service Specialist

The book, homework writing and teacher’s feedback were very useful in the Fundamentals of Writing II class. My writing improved a lot.

Grace Jung,
Cafeteria Owner