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Spring 2016


“Thank you for a terrific Wildlife Tracking class! Everyone brought so much of their own knowledge to the course and that really enhanced the learning experience. I definitely came away with a renewed appreciation for the natural world!

I enrolled hoping to add another “skill” to my budding naturalist education. What I got was so much more. More than just being able to identify a track (what I expected to learn), I found so many more layers of information to be gleaned from animal sign. Although I considered myself to be pretty observant already, I now “see” yet another world. Like any good education/training, it has piqued my curiosity to learn even more and I look forward to continuing my quest!

The in-class track cast identification was especially helpful. It really brought the lesson together and reinforced using the book and measurements as tools. If you want to enhance just about everything you encounter in the natural world, this course provides the educational window into which to begin to see all the different layers of animal life!”

Tara Lee
Community Volunteer