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Duration: 10 wks
Date range: January 14 to March 17
Date(s) of the week: Tuesday
Hour: 6:30–8:30 p.m.
Quarter: Winter 2020
Prerequisite: Drawing knowledge highly recommended
Address: Palo Alto HS Rm 106
Price: $160
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Discover the magic of watercolor! Learn basic skills: color mixing, flat and graded washes, wet-into-wet, dry brush techniques combined with basic drawing concerns. Subjects include: still life, landscape, portraiture; advanced students may choose their own subjects.

Let me know your painting interests, so that I can serve you better!

Week 1 Introductions, review supply list, paint a value scale. Homework: paint a color wheel.
Week 2-3 Review color wheels. Sketch out floral still life design. Paint a floral still life image with complimentary color pallet.
Week 4-5 Bring a detailed object from home to paint. Paint your own still life using a full color pallet.
Week 6-7 Pen and watercolor landscape painting (from a photo).
Week 8-9 Paint a monochromatic self-portrait using a photo of yourself.
Week 10 Potluck and artist critique of students’ paintings created during the class, PowerPoint presentation of teacher’s art.

Recommended art store: University Art, 2550 El Camino Real, Redwood City, (650)328-3500

Store Row number;
Color of Row number (Blk=black, C=colored, E=endcap), back=back of store)
5 Blk white ceramic pallet (or dish)
(optional) cheap 6-well pallet to hold extra squeezed paint (if you use tube colors)
5 Blk 1/4″ wide round watercolor brush or water brush pen
5 Blk 1/8″ wide round watercolor brush or water brush pen
5 Blk 1/2” wide flat synthetic watercolor brush (optional)
Home 3Large plastic container to hold water (50 oz. or more)
Home Paper towels
9-10c student grade (or better) watercolor paint: black, yellow ocher, burnt sienna, French ultra-marine blue, alizarine crimson, cadmium yellow, cadmium red
  Watercolor paper (cold press): full sheet of 400lb (cut in 4ths), 140 lb. pad or block approximately 11” x 14”.
  Watercolor board (16” x 20” x ½”(thick) or larger)—capable of being stapled (not needed if you paint on a watercolor block).
3 Blk 2H, HB graphite pencils
3 Blk white vinyl eraser
5 Blk 6” x 8” to 9” x 12” drawing pad
Back portfolio to store art (optional)
Window (top drawer) 1 sheet glassine paper to separate paintings in portfolio (optional)
  Spray bottle (optional)

By Robert Schick
Click images below to enlarge.

Old Shoes (graphite) Tree with Clouds (pen) MV Heritage Park Illustration (watercolor)