Cathy Zander


My love of art started at a very young age. At eight years old, I would get on a bus, by
myself, every Saturday morning for an hour long ride to take art classes in the Cleveland
Museum of Art. I would sit for hours on a little stool with a pad of paper and pastels and
try to capture the paintings on the walls – most often the Impressionists. By twelve years
old, I had made my mind up – I wanted to be an artist and an art teacher! I never wavered
from that conviction.

By thirteen, I was holding art camp for the neighborhood children in our basement. By
sixteen, I was teaching art at the large local YMCA – copper enameling, crafts and puppet

We had an excellent art department in the private school I went to for junior and senior
high. I took every class I could fit in my schedule, from encaustic painting to silk screen
printing on fabric. In the summers, I took classes at the Cleveland Institute of Art.
I went to Albion College in Michigan – drawn there by their large new art building and
gallery. I received a BA and teaching credential in Art Education. I went to graduate
school at Purdue University and received an MA in Art Education. On graduating, my
husband and I moved to Palo Alto, CA.

Over many years, I have taught art classes, in many media, for all ages, from young
children to senior citizens, for galleries, art stores, schools, rec departments, workshops
and private lessons. I teach drawing, painting in watercolor, acrylic, oil and mixed
media, and collage. I also teach art to wear.

My styles vary as widely as the media I use, and I draw inspiration from everything
around me. Exploring colors is a dominate theme in most of my artwork. When asked
what my favorite color is, I’m likely to reply, the whole rainbow!” My individual art
works vary from serene landscapes to playful twists on a theme (like unexpected puns).
I am very eclectic in my work and many people are surprised at the variety, saying, I
didn’t know you did that! Besides painting, I enjoy doing sculpture, printmaking,
jewelry and textiles.

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