Chí Phạm

Chí Phạm - Vietnamese Cooking and World Languages
PAAS Program: Cooking & World LanguagesTitle: Vietnamese Cooking & Vietnamese Language Instructor

Chí Phạm, your expert instructor, has lived the Vietnamese immigrant experience. His university, college, and adult education teaching draws from his diverse cultural and language expertise (fluency in Vietnamese, English, French, and German). His life’s work includes award-winning writing, education, multilingual translation, ethnic journalism, and consulting.

Born and raised in Vietnam, he has lived overseas and in the U.S. since the Vietnamese refugee exodus. He has over 30 years experience in teaching – at all levels – all the three main accents/ dialects of the Vietnamese language: Northern, Central, and Southern speeches.

With four degrees from European and Californian universities, Mr. Phạm is a scientist, public health educator, humanist, and creative/ performing artist, who also possesses great skills in sports and cooking. In the past, he also taught many years internationally, helping many organizations, local, state and federal agencies, and diverse institutions prepare students, tourists, business people, and journalists from different backgrounds and origins, with intensive crash courses of ‘survival Vietnamese’ for world travelers and front-line workers.