Dustin Findley

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Dustin’s longest career has been in education; working the most in adult schools and career centers. A student learns in a classroom. Most people learn by doing. Dustin learns by teaching. Let’s share Dustin’s favorite quote that is in the public domain: I have a lot to learn… Therefore: I have a lot to teach.

Dustin has more academic and extracurricular experience in multimedia, using 2D graphic design programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Dustin briefly explored expanding his horizons into the third dimension, learning about 3D modeling with programs like Blender and Tinkercad; and 3D printing with its various creative and technical components.

Dustin has a variety of creative interests, some of which he has participated in professionally. While he has much experience in more than one medium, he is always searching for opportunities to combine multiple media.

Dustin would like to offer his time and “talent” as a teacher.