Paul Prochaska

Paul Prochaska is a classically-trained musician (CSM & UC Berkeley), but grew up in a “traditional folk music” family.

If some instrument can be plucked, strummed, or blown, I’ve probably tried it! And I actually own too many! But have settled, mostly, on Guitar and Ukulele, and Bass, and …

I have played guitar since the age of 13 (Jr. High summer) (50+ yrs!) and ukulele for about 5 years. I have also taught guitar privately, in my students’ homes, for about 20 years, using a wide variety of methods, and have found many that didn’t work, so I’ve learned how and what not to teach!

My evolved-approach is to start with the basics; Learn the Notes: “A, B, C, …” teaching the notes on the guitar, and where they are in actual score (written music). From there, we can build Chords, and from there, Picking and Strumming, but always reinforcing the Notes that the student is playing.

So, an unmentioned benefit from taking my class is that you will start learning how to read and play printed music! Another language to put on your tree! Some of my PAAS students have taken the Beginning Guitar class 3 and 4 times, saying that they get something new and different from each session, so Come, and let’s start Making Some Music Together! Later, we’ll work on Making Some Beautiful Music Together! But let’s get started!