Ramesh & Bharati Joshi

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Ramesh Joshi came to Stanford University in September 1968. Bharati joined him six months later. Both were professional engineers by day, and cooking became their hobby and passion.

Ramesh learned cooking from watching his mom cooking. After arriving in the U.S., he needed to start cooking what he was used to eating every day in India. He soon found out that what looked so simple while watching his mom cook was actually not so simple. He started cooking and experimenting with new ideas. He and Bharati began to reinterpret Indian cuisine as something more than the greasy and over-spiced grub you once associated with the style and made some changes. They started cooking dishes which reflect India’s culinary diversity and not just the standard fare mostly from northern India.

Well, they believe that the mouthwatering food can still be healthy enough for anyone to eat. Above all, it can be simple enough for anyone to make it. That’s the whole idea of the class. In a nutshell, this class contains simple, delicious, and healthy dishes that can be made at your home. They have taught Indian Cuisine in the Bay Area as a team for last 17 years and are proud to claim to have taught over 2,000 happy students.

Here’s what a past student has to say:
Learning the secrets of Indian cooking from Mr. and Mrs. Joshi is education, entertainment, and a wonderful meal all rolled into one. We learned to prepare several of our favorite dishes, and found that with the Joshi’s advice on selecting the best ingredients and using appropriate seasonings; even the most complex recipes are a breeze. It is truly a magical experience to watch the Joshi’s produce one great dish after another, all the while explaining each step in detail. And best of all, at the end of each class student enjoy the best Indian food they ever had!