Svetlana Strizhevskaia

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I am an ardent lover of healthy lifestyle, delicious whole foods and inventive cooking. At the same time, I take great joy in teaching. My mission is to spread awareness that fresh living foods taste good and sometimes do even better than common meat-based options.

I am vegan for more than two years and have experimented a lot with different recipes. I have come up with my own ideas and invented some new taste fusions. I believe that simplicity is the key in everything that we do, so I keep my recipes simple and use most common and easily available ingredients. My cooking has been praised by many people, both vegan and non-vegan, including my family, friends and students.

I successfully taught a course consisting of a series of classes on ‘Plant-based lifestyle: a new paradigm for health’ in the Fall quarter 2019 at the Bechtel International Center of Stanford University. In these classes, besides cooking vegan items with demonstration, I presented the theory of plant-based lifestyle and explained to my students the connection between food choices and health outcomes, which was well appreciated.

Besides cooking, I enjoy art and photography. I have a knack for painting. During my stay in the US, I participated in a student’s showcase exhibition in San Diego and received award for my artworks on Japanese sumi-e painting. I am good at delivering short and effective presentations. I have an MS-equivalent five-year diploma from Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management in my country Russia, and I was awarded for the best thesis presentation.

Currently, I also help seniors with disabilities by providing them warm company and engaging them into games and conversations so that they do not feel lonely. I am happy to help people in best ways I can.