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CHINESE: Beginning

Instructor: Lucia Wu, lucia_wwh@sbcglobal.net
Duration: 9 wks
Date range: March 22 to May 24
(No class: April 5.)
Date(s) of the week: Wednesday
Hour: 6–8 p.m.
Quarter: Spring 2017
Prerequisite: None
Address: Palo Alto HS Rm 405
Price: $144
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Learn the most popular language in the world in an efficient way and talk with accurate pronunciation from the beginning.

Focus strongly on the phonetics, tones, and simple conversations. They will be practiced every class. Students will be able to properly pronounce on their own after this course. Characters will not be introduced at this stage.

Required textbook can be purchased in the Adult School office.

Student Comments

I signed up for Beginning Chinese because I wanted to get a basic understanding of Mandarin. I feel like I got a lot of practice with the tones and pronunciation. I now have a solid foundation for future practice.

Maren Scheiner