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Parenting & Family

Palo Alto Adult School parent participation preschool helps children and adults form lasting community connections.

For 70 years, we have offered preschool programs organized primarily for parent education. Parents develop a deeper understanding of early childhood development and parenting skills through adult discussion classes, formal and informal observations, and community exchanges. The school provides children and their families a nurturing play-based curriculum helping children develop in all areas including creativity, cooperation, peaceful conflict resolution, positive communication, fine and gross motor skills and kindergarten readiness. Our unique participatory structure allows parents to be involved in their children’s preschool education. Please contact the school for more information.


    Palo Alto Adult School and Barron Park Elementary School offer individualized classes for parents who want to learn English and help their children with school.

    Quarter: Winter 2018
    Instructor: Susan Stevick and Nikki Holt


    Palo Alto Adult School y la escuela primaria de Barron Park ofrece clases individuales para los padres que quieren aprender inglés y ayudarles a sus niños con su tarea.

    Quarter: Winter 2018
    Instructor: Susan Stevick and Nikki Holt


    Tutoring underserved youth for a brighter future!

    Quarter: Winter 2018
    Instructor: DreamCatchers Tutors

    (Class limited to 15 students) (**NEW**)

    A class specifically for families with English as a Second Language who have children in the Palo Alto Unified School District.

    Duration: 7 wks
    Date range: January 16 to March 1
    Day(s) of the week: Tuesdays and Thursdays
    Hour: 7–8:30 p.m.
    Address: Palo Alto HS Rm CL1

    Quarter: Winter 2018
    Prerequisite: Children must be enrolled at Palo Alto Unified School District
    Price: No Fee *
    Instructor: Anjani Sarma, asarma@pausd.org

  • PARENT PROJECT® (Offered in English or Spanish)

    The Palo Alto Police Department, in partnership with the Palo Alto Adult School, offers the Parent Project. This national program was created for parents with strong-willed teens.

    Duration: 12 wks
    Date range: January 11 to March 29
    Day(s) of the week: Thursday
    Hour: 6–9 p.m.
    Address: Greendell Rm P4

    Quarter: Winter 2018
    Price: $120 per person / $155 per couple - includes workbook, light dinners, childcare for children ages 3–15
    Instructor: Palo Alto Police Department Staff

    4120 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto

    PreSchool Family is a parent education/participation program, serving families with children from birth through five years.

    Quarter: Winter 2018
    Instructor: PreSchool Family Staff