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(Online & In-Person)

(Online & In-Person)

Duration: 7 wks
Date range: September 8 to October 20
Date(s) of the week: Wednesday
Hour: 7–9 p.m.
Quarter: Fall 2021
Prerequisite: Beginning Birding
Textbook: Textbook: Any North America or Western North America bird field guide (Sibley’s Guide is a great one).
Address: LIVE ONLINE via ZOOM + In-Person Weekend Fieldtrips
Price: $168
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The primary goal of this birding class is to develop birding skills through bird identification by sight and sound. During our weekly online Zoom meetings, we will focus on sharing of local bird sightings, slides of Bay Area birds, ID quizzes, and discussion of field trips.

There will be 3 in-person weekend field trips offered to local Bay Area birding spots so we can practice what we have learned in the field! Fieldtrip dates TBD.

Optional Textbook: Any North America or Western North America bird field guide (Sibley’s Guide is a great one).


Week 1: September 8 “Follow the Pipers”: Intro to fall shorebird ID challenges, including plovers, dowitchers, godwits, curlews and the little “peeps”.
Week 2: September 15 “Migratory Mysteries”: Fall warbler and sparrow IDs, tracking bird migration through banding studies and eBird data.
Week 3: September 22 “Murres, Murrelets & More”: An overview of the most common fall pelagic birds seen on birding boat trips off the Pacific coast.
Week 4: September 29 “Little Brown Birds”: Let’s get a handle on identifying thrushes, wrens, and other shy forest birds…before they fly back into the darkest part of the bushes!
Week 5:
October 6
“Wetlands Watch”: A study of our local wetlands, including rails, herons, egrets and other wetland obligate species
Week 6:
October 13
“Raptormania”: How to ID all the raptors of California, including hawks, eagles, kites, falcons, vultures, and owls
Week 7:
October 20
“Waterfowl & Winter Preview”: Most of our wintering waterfowl should be arriving in the Bay Area by early November, and we’ll be ready to ID what floats our way!