Chana Feinstein

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Why Take this Class? 30 year blocked writer (with half dozen writing awards), now unblocked! While blocked, wrote dozens of essays, first drafts of 3 novels, stories, poems, all using techniques. I’ll teach in class based on years of research. Currently, finishing a book on Writer’s Block, a Memoir & a Musical! Yelper Elite and Quora writer on Writer’s Block, commenter: “this is one of the best answers I’ve seen about writer’s block, or anything for that matter.”

Professional Background:

– Workshops: Catholic Charities, Jail (Change, Lifeskills & Motivational), and others
– MPA, USC; MA (in progress, all but thesis) Social Psychology (studies and lab research focusing on self-change interventions).
– Taught SFSU undergraduates, jail inmates, and others.
– BA, Phi Beta Kappa, Mills College, Psychology with honors.
– Member, Theatre Bay Area & International Center of Women Playwrights.