Jane Rosten, MSW, LCSW

PAAS Program: Home & Environment / Electric Cars DemystifiedTitle: Instructor / Instructor / Electric Cars DemystifiedContact Email:
Website: https://www.evucation.com/

Co-founder/Managing Partner, EVucation, LLC; Behavior Change Specialist, Former Manager of Stanford HIP’s Environmental Behavior Change Program 1998-2020. Recognized as a passionate, caring trailblazer, Jane has for years helped people translate good intentions into sustainable behavior change, applying behavioral science tools. She has designed and taught curricula on cutting edge environmental and health topics for over two decades. She is also a skilled licensed psychotherapist and coach, with a specialty in Climate Anxiety. Jane initiated an EV class program in 2015 at Stanford, often partnering with nearby cities, teaching over 800 how to transition to electric cars. The program, including her partners, later evolved into EVucation, LLC. She has been driving electric for 7 years, but primarily commutes by bicycle. She developed Active Transportation.