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Ferenc Besze

Ferenc Besze was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary.  His love for art surfaced early on in his childhood when Ferenc filled all his textbooks with drawings to the frustration of his teachers and parents.  He started his career decisively influenced by the internationally known Ernő Zórád’s comics.  They were an inspiration to him when he was a child. Later on, as an adult, he received advice and guidance personally from him, which was of great help to the development of his style.

Traditional as well as impressionist masters also made significant impact on him.  At the beginning, his primary medium was oil.  In the last two decades however, his primary medium changed to watercolor, in which he achieved his greatest successes so far.  In the United States, he developed his watercolor techniques under the guidance of Marta Szoboszlay.

Ferenc’s free-flowing spontaneous style perfectly matches his personality; consequently, he is able to bring out the beautiful characteristics of watercolor. Watching him paint, we are tricked by the effortless brush handling, which makes it look so easy. However, if someone has tried watercolor would know that it is not the case at all. Quite the opposite.

Ferenc’s passion continues until this day. He believes that the value of art is not only wonderful to learn and absorb, but worth to share with others. The way he accomplishes that is by teaching and giving demonstrations.

His paintings are in private collections in the United States and Europe.

In 2013, he was commissioned to paint this watercolor for the President of the Hungarian Republic.

Impressionist Watercolourist

Email: gro.dsuappaa@ezsebf


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