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Linda Papanicolaou

Linda Papanicolaou has been an art historian, a museum and arts administrator, and a certificated Visual Art teacher, with more than more than 30 years’ experience in children’s and adult Arts classes classes from pre-school to college level—including twenty-five years’ service in the Palo Alto school system.

Linda especially loves working with students who didn’t think they were artists. She is a TAB-Choice teacher. TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behavior) is a learner-directed approach to Art teaching that has been developed in classroom practice and in connection with the Massachusetts College of Art. Its three sentence curriculum is

The student is the artist. The classroom is the artist studio. What do artists do?

An elementary school art lesson that included haiku writing is what originally led Linda to her interest in combining art and writing. She is a published, award-winning author of haiku and related Japanese short-form poetry, leads writing workshops in haiku and art, edits and produces poetry publications, and is active in state and national haiku organizations.

Her interest in in visual journaling grew out of this. Research has shown that learning and retention is easier and more enduring when class notes are supported by graphic design and visual cues. She began introducing visual journaling to her middle school classes, and using it herself, for note-taking and studying whenever she is taking a class, attending a conference, or keeping a personal journal.

Program: General Interest


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