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Duration: 10 wks
Date range: January 12 to March 16
Date(s) of the week: Thursday
Hour: 6–8:30 p.m.
Quarter: Winter 2023
Prerequisite: Have previously taken Creative Writing class at Palo Alto Adult School or have permission from instructor
Price: $65 *
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Class will be held LIVE ONLINE via ZOOM.
After you register, you will receive a link to login to the class.
Please call the Adult School office at (650) 329-3752 if you have any questions.

Learn to be a better writer! Share your ideas, feelings, and experiences with others.

Express yourself through poetry, memoir, short stories, essays, creative non-fiction or whatever you prefer.

This class encourages you to present your work and receive constructive feedback in a helpful, supportive environment.

Student Comments

The Creative Writing course helped me get back into my writing practice, which has brought me so much joy over the years! Chana has been so helpful in providing tips, feedback, and resources — she has inspired me to keep writing!

Eliza Van Wye
Clinical Research Coordinator