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Career Training

Discover a new career! Start Here, go Anywhere!

Palo Alto Adult School training programs will prepare you for a range of employment options in healthcare and aviation services.

Learn new skills today for a new career path!


    As a Phlebotomy Technician you will be trained to draw blood samples from patients in a clinical laboratory or public health setting.

    Duration: 9 wks
    Date range: May 1 to July 5
    (No class: May 29 and July 4.)
    Day(s) of the week: Monday and Wednesday
    Hour: 5:30–9:30 p.m.
    Address: Palo Alto HS Rm 1709

    Quarter: Spring 2017
    Prerequisite: High School Diploma or GED®
    Price: $2995 ($300 deposit required) Extra Costs: Books and Scrubs
    Instructor: California Regional Education Center Staff, (800) 927-5159


    Increase your influence in both the business and your career by mastering seven influence platforms that are within your control!

    Duration: 4 wks
    Date range: March 21 to April 18
    (No class: April 4.)
    Day(s) of the week: Tuesday
    Hour: 6:30–8:30 p.m.
    Address: Palo Alto HS Rm. 1705

    Quarter: Spring 2017
    Prerequisite: None
    Price: $64
    Instructor: Taia Ergueta tvergueta@ mac.com

  • WORK READINESS: Job Search Skills *

    Learn new skills for getting a job. Learn the job search process, practice filling out applications, prepare a resume and develop interviewing skills.

    Quarter: Spring 2017
    Prerequisite: None
    Price: No Fee*
    Instructor: Kathilynn Lehmer, pajoblink.lehmer@yahoo.com